_____After driving my VX for a few years, I started to think about buying another vehicle. I needed something with four doors, and I also wanted an additional vehicle so I could park the VX and drive it more casually. When I got serious about buying another vehicle, there was really only one choice in my mind. I've always liked the first generation, boxy, Isuzu Trooper design. It's very simple, rugged, and utilitarian. So for about three months I checked my local Craigslist daily, until I found an old school Trooper for sale that met my needs. In May of 2009, I bought a 1991 Isuzu Trooper from a private seller here in Nevada. The wait paid off when this beauty popped up one Friday morning. The body is basically perfect and there is absolutely no rust on the vehicle at all. The best part, is this Trooper already had a 3" Calmini Lift installed as well as a huge ConFer roof rack. Even better, the previous owner did loads of maintenance and also added a custom front bumper. At the time of purchase, the tired GM V6 was at 168,000k, but still running OK, but the Trooper did have a few other problems. Aside from a pretty serious power steering leak, it was also dripping oil. The CV boots were cracked, and the tires were bald, bubbling and dry rotted. Not exactly safe.

My 1991 Isuzu Trooper the day I bought it.

The Trooper and my VX parked at the previous owner's house.
Right from the start, I had a vision for this Trooper. The Trooper would now serve as my full-time off-roading and camping vehicle, which meant that I had some serious work to do. This Trooper was still running with the original 2.8 V6 GM motor, which is a pretty gutless power plant with the upgrades it already had. And with the modifications I wanted to make in the future, I knew this motor would have to get swapped eventually. I also wanted to strip the Trooper down completely. There is no need for such luxuries as carpet and headliner on the trail, and I wanted to do whatever I could to make the vehicle easier to clean, maintain and modify. Since money is always the first consideration when it comes to modification plans, I decided to start with mods that cost nothing, and slowly move up to the more expensive changes over the next year or so.
  My 1991 Isuzu Trooper

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