First generation SWB (Short Wheel Base) Troopers were only sold during a single year, 1989.  And with considerably smaller production numbers when compared to the 4-door versions, these little guys are quite rare today.  Probably rarer than JR Impulses in fact.  And for any Trooper fan in the USA, a Trooper RS is pretty much the holy grail.  In the five years I have lived in the mountain town of Reno, NV, I have seen exactly two RS Troopers, both red, one 1989 and one second generation 1993 model.  And if you follow my blog, you already know about the 1993.

Now, I have stalked and drooled over both of these Troopers for several years, and had that 93 been in running condition, I probably would have bought it, but another major project was just not in the cards at the time.  Plus, my heart has always been with the 1st gens. Enter the 89.  I first saw it sitting in a bank parking lot back in May of 2009.  At the right is the picture I took of it.
The first thing that stands out, is that it has a round headlight swap, which is very cool.  The second thing that stands out, is some unfortunate body damage on the roof and door.  But all that aside, this was a RS close to home, so I left a note with an offer to buy the RS if the owner was ever selling.  Sadly, I never heard back, and a few months later, I bought my 91. Over the next couple years, I probably spotted this Trooper RS driving around a couple more times, until I finally saw it on Craigslist for sale in late 2010.  I emailed the owner via Craigslist several times and got no response.  I assumed then that I missed my only opportunity.
Fast forward to 2012.  I took a detour on my lunch break to get a bolt for the Impulse engine, and what do I see sitting in a nearby parking lot?  Yup, the round headlight, red Trooper RS with the unfortunate body damage.  I resisted my urge to stop right then, and continued on my lunch break.  However, being the psychopathic Isuzu fan that I am, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  So I decided to drive by the spot on my way back to work, and if the Trooper was still there, I planned to leave another note.

The Trooper was still there.
My 1989 Isuzu Trooper RS

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